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29 Jul

Database Management During Continous Delivery

Continuous delivery is changing the way tech companies release their code. It shortens the production cycle. Leads to faster development and quicker bug fixes and feature implementations. However, continuous delivery means a potential continuous change to every part of your project -- including databases schemas. Databases don''t lend themselves to easy incorporation in the continuous development process. This has to do with the nature of databases. They are rigid, structured, and are heavily defined by states. It is possible to incorporate databases into your continuous development process.

Here are 4 steps to make your continuous delivery process as smooth as possible.


Think of your databases as code. You should incrementally test and check your databases as you develop your code. You''ll also want to use database source control.


It''s not just for code. Incorporate your database into your documentation workflow.


Perform an impact analysis for database changes prior to deployment. Identify and prevent overrides or conflicts that would break production during automatic deployment.


Ensure that the impact analysis and deployment take place at the proper point in the continuous delivery cycle. This will ensure that controlled and secure database updates are part of your continuous delivery cycle.

Lastly, make sure your deployment cycles hinge on these steps. Your app should not be deployed if the impact analysis indicates a risky deployment. Likewise, your database should not be deployed if the app is failing.

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