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14 Jun

Cyber Security Trends

Cyber-attacks have evolved, with cyber attackers now using sophisticated methods to instill maximum damage. Many organizations forget that cyber attackers operate their activities like a business with a professional approach to not getting detected. Once a cyber-attacker starts accessing your networks, they are on constant lookout for escape avenues.

It is safe to say that individuals and organizations can never actually protect themselves enough to sit back and relax. Recent insights by experts show that the primary root for cyber security threats goes more than just the computers, which are the usual targets.    

Protecting your manufacturing infrastructure

Hackers understand that they can use internet of things to access all devices connected to the web. So, a hacker does not necessarily need to hack into your account to access your information. They need to just use the internet to access all connected devices. Hence, they can easily target major unsecured industries. For instance, there are nuclear power plants directly connected to the internet which provides a suitable target for hackers.

Creating a back door for hackers at home

Another concern that comes out is people only think hackers will penetrate their place of work. However, hackers have developed a way to attack your smart devices at home, take over them, and use them to maliciously launch bigger attacks without your knowledge. What makes your smart devices a vulnerable target is the fact that they are by default not secure. The concern stems out from recent surveys of smart devices attacked and used to take down larger websites.

Evolution of ransomware

One important lesson from the recent Wannacry ransomware cyber-attack is the hacking business is evolving at an alarming rate and hackers are organizing themselves, thus making it difficult to detect them or their activities. Organizations will need to maintain communications between each other in case they detect some unusual activities in their networks.

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