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21 Feb

Cyber Security Insights: Your Employees Are Your Weakest Link

When it comes to cybersecurity, your network is only as secure as your weakest link. Often, that weakest link is your employees. Human mistakes are all too often the cause of cyber attacks.

It is crucial that you train your employees on how to stay safe online. Many employees simply do not know which practices will keep them safe online.

Teach them how to spot suspicious emails. Hackers often find a way into a network when an employee clicks on a malicious link. Teach your employees to avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading suspicious attachments.

Teach them how to use passwords safely. Many people use passwords that are not hard to crack. Many use the same passwords for all of their accounts. Teach them which kinds of passwords to use and to change their passwords often. They can use a password manager to make things easier.

Make sure that any company-issued devices are safe and secure. Make sure they have the latest antivirus software downloaded. Teach your employees to update all of their software and programs regularly.

A common issue arises when employees use public Wifi. Public Wifi poses a wide range of security risks. Teach them how to spot spoof Wifi networks and to use a password-secured network if possible. In addition, have them use a VPN whenever doing work on public Wifi.

In addition, you should limit the access each employee has to company data. Make sure no one can access things they don't need to. This way, there is a lower risk of data being compromised.

Be careful about letting your employees bring their own devices and connect them to your network. You have no control over how they use their devices at home, what they connect their devices to, and what kinds of software they download.

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