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23 Feb

Cyber Security and the Internet of Things: Risks and How to Mitigate Them

It is estimated that by 2020, 24 billion devices will be connected to the internet of things. The IoT brings many benefits to our lives. On the other hand, it poses a unique set of cybersecurity risks. Here are some cybersecurity issues involved with the IoT that you should know about.

More Devices, More Risks

As more and more devices get connected to the internet of things, the risk of a cyberattack continues to grow. There are more opportunities for attackers to find loopholes that they can exploit. Take a smart home, for example. A security flaw in one device can be used to compromise the entire home security system. The same goes for businesses that have many devices connected to their network.

More Updates Are Necessary

Updates and security patches help keep your network safe. Even if a device was secure when it was first produced, new flaws may since have been discovered. Oftentimes, unfortunately, devices that are connected to a network are not updated (or updates are simply not released) as often as they should be.

More Data, More Privacy Concerns

There is just so much data that is now being collected, thanks to the billions of devices connected to the internet. All of this data must be safeguarded so that it is protected from hackers. There is a larger privacy risk.

What Needs to be Done

Companies that use the IoT should make sure that they have a high-quality IT staff that is able to secure their network and devices. They should make sure to put many levels of security in place. Manufacturers that produce IoT devices should place an emphasis on cybersecurity and make it their priority. Governments can focus on regulations and innovations concerning cybersecurity and the IoT.

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