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26 Oct

Current Web Development Trends: 3 Strategies

Although you may outsource the legwork, the strategy for your web development must come from your in-house thought process. Only you know what your company is here to accomplish. Here are a few hints of successful web strategies from the most successful companies around the Internet.


Having a single function per website is a thing of the past. Microservice architecture patterns offer the ability to split parts of a larger website into smaller modular components that API drives directly. The average consumer uses these smaller, focused applications more easily.


For the web developer with a bit of coding expertise, the open source app Go allows the webmaster to program full websites, apps and updates without the security risks of the C-family of languages (C++, C#, etc.) with more precision than pHp. An independent team at Google developed the Go product, so you can bet that you will be seeing more of it in schemas of the future. Google loves to give preferential treatment to solutions that its team devises such as Google+.

Server-Side JSX

Server-side JSX provides a great advantage for teams that are not married to the ecosystem of Node. However, server-side JSX fits nicely into a Node ecosystem because of V8. If you are a webmaster that prefers an extension to ECMAscript without defined semantics, then this is the web development trend for you.

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