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22 Nov

Creating Great Experience Design: What's Your Plan?

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Custom-tailored websites make a business or organization that much more memorable. To get from ideas to implementation takes some planning and careful analysis. While some may gravitate towards templates or quick fixes, here at Folio1, we like to dig into what's really going on. Creating great user experience design involves really understanding the user mindset. We have some tips for your next website design process:

1. Research

While many may find research dull and un-exciting, it can really be a catalyst for some great insights and ideas. It helps to make realistic assessments of your current organizational goals and how you would like to be perceived online. Research also helps with understanding how users view your organization or business online presence. By gathering information and studying some data, you'll better understand how your website design (or re-design) can accentuate your brand.

2. Visualizing Ideas

Planning a website redesign involves working with professionals who can clearly communicate with you about the desired user navigation and online experience. Brainstorming priorities and goals may help, as well as discussing realistic timelines. Many people use diagrams and charts to describe the order of the pages of a site, and how users can most efficiently access the information they need.

3. Mock-Ups

Through the use of visual mock-ups of your next website, you can better understand how your new site will look and feel before it's fully coded. Flat, non-color wireframes show the blueprint of a site, while colorful mock-ups can demonstrate how your site may look on various devices.

4. Review and Testing

It helps to get input from your current or prospective users about your new site. Consider testing your site through a user testing platform or through surveys. Ask people how long it took them to find specific information, or how many clicks it took them to locate a specific page. The more information you have about the user experience, the better. 

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