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4 Nov

Creating an Effective Content Strategy: Finding Your Target Audience to Market Your Products

In the realm of creative marketing, creating a content strategy that actually makes sense is imperative to avoid wasting time and effort after minimal results. A major part of this comes in thinking about who your products are really for, and finding ways to tap into solving problems for those people.

With this in mind, you need a better sense of targeting in your content as a personal connection to your demographics so you understand the mind of a buyer.

Creating Personas

If you''ve never created customer personas before, it''s a good time to use the process as a preliminary strategy on making your content more focused. You can create customer personas by looking up existing information on the customers you already have. By analyzing big data, you form a picture of what a prospective
customer would want to see in your products and content.

This works similarly to creating fictional characters in novels that are frequently based on the personas of real people.

Finding Pain Points

Effective content has to point to problems your customers have and how your products could solve them. Yet, how do you know what your customer problems are? Once you have leads, you can find out through social media conversations, or even industry message boards.

Focus your content primarily on the problems you know your customers want solved. If you find several problems, you can create a multitude of content based on those issues, including re-purposing content in other forms later.

Personalizing Your Content

Once you understand who you''re writing for, you can make it personal with storytelling your audience can relate to. Whether you tell real stories about how your products solved a major problem for a customer (or business), or you use fictional settings, storytelling is important.

Telling a short story in blog, video, or infographic form that completely targets the audience you want, you have a better chance of going viral with your content. When you combine that personalized style with product information differentiating from others, you help make customers make faster decisions on their buying options.


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