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26 Jan

Automation in the Modern Business World


Is the business of the future going to be automated? Are we moving towards a future without the need for humans? Are robots going to take all of our jobs?  

The answer to these questions is "sort of".

In 2018 we have the technological capability to let computers do some of our work.

That said, it's not the futuristic robot dystopia that Hollywood makes it out to be.

We still need the valuable workforce that runs our companies. We need their human insight, their human reason, and often times their human personalities to keep the business world running.

Busy Work

At the moment, computers can help us by tackling a lot of our busy work.

Busy work is a necessary part of any modern enterprise. With the amount of information flying around, somebody needs to organize it.

Organizing data includes steps like reading, sorting, searching, and sharing data from business documents. Invoices have to get recorded so a company can keep an eye on the bottom line, right?

This kind of activity is called Document Management.

With modern Document Management Systems (DMS), a lot of this work can be done by computers.

Save Time

DMS software can do this work faster than people. For example, Optical Character Recognition, or OCR technology, can "read" scanned documents.

DMS software can sort and file documents.

Using metadata input, DMS software can search for data in your company files.

Finally, sharing data within a company's DMS is made easy by using automated permissions control.

While it takes a person hours to do intake and prepare documents for sharing, a computer can complete these tasks in a fraction of a second. This is the gist of automation.

Save Money

So what's the big deal about saving time?

Though some jobs are urgent, automation isn't all about doing things faster. Automation is really about resource allocation.

Imagine an employee takes one hour to process a stack of documents. If the employee can drop the stack into a scanner and the computer can process that stack in 30 seconds, the employee has completed the job in less than a minute. That frees up 59 minutes for the employee to begin another task.

Automation saves your company money by allowing your employee to be more productive.

Make Your Employees Happy

Let's be honest. Your employees don't want to feel like drones. They don't want to do the same, boring work every single day. In fact, they are capable of much more.

Your company hires smart, resourceful folks. So let them use their smarts and be resourceful for the benefit of the enterprise.

Once their former busy work is automated, your managers can make better use of the employees' time. They can be put on jobs that use their brains.

Not only will your company benefit from automation, but the employees themselves will feel better. Each employee will have a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

If automation can save time, save money, and bring job satisfaction to your staff, what is keeping you from learning more?

For more information about how your company can utilize automation services, contact us.

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