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Artificial Intelligence, the Ethical Debate

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Technology is advancing every day. Artificial intelligence is taking over, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. We interact with it daily in almost every aspect of our lives; whether it's in our places of work, the hospital, traveling and shopping.

We see the good it can do and how it fills in the gaps of human labor that would otherwise be too difficult or taxing for us with a lot more efficiency and in less time. It makes life a lot easier by executing all these tasks, and some technology enthusiasts believe that any job or problem you come up with; it is possible to develop some software that can perform it. 

The world today cannot escape the influence of artificial intelligence.

AI technology is quite glorified, and we see in films the projections of what we expect its future brings, even though some of it is unrealistic. However, one matter still looms over the creation of inanimate systems that emulate and even go above human intelligence; AI ethics. There are already ways where we've seen AI used for evil. The movies expose us to the theoretical threat that machines and robots could become self-conscious and sentient and somehow destroy the world or take over humanity. While this possibility is largely science fiction, we witness computer hackers creating viruses and software that can compromise the security of entire corporations and threaten national government institutions.

Moreover, developers nowadays aim to make these simulations as close to the human experience as possible so that one cannot know the difference. The Turing test is credence to this move. Autonomous AI systems that fool human beings into thinking that they too are human or make their own decisions present a potential problem. Thinking about this AI independence from a military point of view, then the likelihood that armies can deploy smart, highly autonomous weapon systems designed to work with very little human input is frightening.

One of the smartest people in this field and on our planet today shares some of these concerns. Dr. Stephen Hawking recently warned of technology's threat to civilization as we know it. While his view might a bit on the extreme, the underlying concern here is how ethics apply to AI. For one thing, its proper use might bring peace to the hearts of those who imagine AI will result in a technological apocalypse. Furthermore, it will bring under control the current dangers we face like hacking and other software malpractices.

Every company working with AI and such evolving technologies must first lay down a framework with a code of ethics that all people working there should comply with and follow.

We at folio1 are keen on keeping the code that governs us and ensuring that we apply our technology for good. We have a full understanding of what we do, and our technology will not surpass our capacity to handle it. For more information on what is currently in the evolving world of tech, check out our blogs.


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