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31 Mar

Artificial Intelligence is the Next Frontier in Business Solutions

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Artificial Intelligence or AI has been around for a while now. Although it tends to relate with futuristic sci-fi fantasies in most cases, its prominent application currently is in developing smart business solutions. Microsoft CEO took the time recently to expound how AI is the "ultimate breakthrough" and why his company is increasingly focusing on improving Cortona. Here are some reasons why the new developments in AI should excite you.

Big Data Analysis 

Businesses today generate a vast amount of data from numerous disparate software solutions, used in daily operations. An analysis of this data is critical to ensure that it does not only make sense, but also be in a position to make accurate predictions on how your business will perform going forward. AI tools such as Microsoft's Cortona Analytics suite can help you with the Big Data number crunching and enable you to make smart business decisions on the fly.


The assumption is that the goal of AI is to replace humans at the workplace. But speaking during this year's Adobe annual summit, Brad Rancher – Adobe Executive Vice President and General Manager, Marketing – pointed out that AI focuses on increasing efficiency. It handles the repetitive, monotonous work such as data crunching so humans can focus on creativity and innovation.

Tomorrow's Technology

AI is here to stay, and what we see now is a small fraction of its capabilities as far as its business potential goes. It is, therefore, important to embrace the right AI tools early enough so you can integrate them into your growth strategy. Contact us now for more details.

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