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14 Jun

AI Can Clean Your Data: How Watson Is Fixing Human Errors


Digital tools are getting better at their jobs. CRM tools help streamline sales and keep complete customer records. Artificial intelligence can predict patterns and sift through data. Salesforce introduced its AI tool, called Einstein, in 2016, and it has been radically changing how businesses use both CRMs and AI to make money. One of the most important impacts is:

Artificial intelligence can help catch errors and reduce manual data entry.

Every department has a lot of data to enter and modify. Your marketing department is verifying leads and entering contact details. Your salespeople are building opportunities, inputting pricing details into the Configure Price Quote tool, and moving customers through the pipeline. Even your Salesforce administrators and billing specialists are modifying features and generating reports. All of these tasks are highly manual and repetitive, which makes them prime candidates for typos that complicate your instance of Salesforce and can make your company look clumsy.

But Salesforce's AI tools, such as Einstein, are built to make predictions and double-check everyone's work. The tool can:

Once your employees don't have to spend their time on manual data entry and checking their work for accuracy, they can focus on tasks that AI can't manage. Your teams can start cultivating more leads, planning sales strategies, and upselling. Browse our folio1 blog for more AI updates and features.

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