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16 Jul

Agile Software Development Keys to a Successful Sprint Retrospective

Successful Agile Software Development depends on the agile team remaining adaptable and able to quickly respond to change. In order to do that, a structured approach to continuous improvement is necessary. This is accomplished via the Sprint Retrospective meeting. This meeting provides an opportunity to find out exactly what''s working, what''s not working and come up with ideas and an action plan for moving forward. Here are a few items that will help ensure the success of your next Sprint Retrospective meeting.

Who Should be Involved?

The meeting should include all members of the team, including the product owner. It should be treated like a working meeting, where all team members can participate and provide constructive feedback on the process. The Scrum Master should help to ensure that everyone can safely voice their opinion, and that no one team member dominates the conversation.

What Needs to Be Discussed?

The success of the meeting also depends on how issues are addressed. This meeting isn''t a gripe session where the focus is solely on lobbying complaints with no intent to make things better. Rather, it is It is an open forum to explore creative ways to help the team improve. The key questions that need to be addressed are in the meeting are:

What is the Outcome?

Lastly, it is important that the team walks away with an "actionable" plan of attack for the next sprint. The below questions can be used to develop the action plan.

Done properly, the Sprint Retrospective meeting goes a long way in helping agile teams improve software delivery. Please contact us to learn more about our agile software development process.

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