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11 Sep

A Rising Star - The Internet of Things

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There is quite a bit of buzz about the internet of things or IoT, as it is commonly referred to, but for good reason.  In this post, we will discuss what IoT is, and its great potential to be a real game-changer both in the everyday world and in the technology industry.

IoT - What It Is

IoT is a term given to a wide variety of devices embedded with some type of intelligence mechanism, such as sensors, software, actuator motors, etc.  These smart devices collect and exchange data, and are controlled through their connection to a network infrastructure.

A Rising Star

What makes this newer technology concept so exciting is its great potential for further development into a wide variety of uses and applications, as yet untold.  Many industries are just now beginning to develop smart devices -- including the automotive, healthcare, security and environmental industries, as well as all levels of government.  Even those in the agricultural industry, such as farmers and ranchers are finding efficient uses for smart devices.

Industry Innovation 

In the automotive industry many vehicles are now equipped with GPS navigation and features like accident reporting which may very well save the lives of passengers.  Many in the technology and automotive world are working on perfecting the self-driven vehicle for future transportation.  Farmers and ranchers are using smart drones to check on livestock and survey their fence lines to see if they need repair.

In the environmental industry, smart devices are being created to take the place of hurricane hunters that fly into the eye of U.S. hurricanes.  Smart irrigation systems can monitor rainfall and water those sections that need it and avoid those areas that have received enough rainfall, thereby reducing wasting water, energy and money.  City governments are also very interested in smart devices that can help monitor water and energy usage, not just in public buildings, but also in the population at large.  Governments are also finding wireless bridge sensors useful in monitoring the health of bridges by collecting data on factors such as vibration, temperature, pressure and humidity.

The IoT is currently helping to save lives, protect livestock and reduce waste in areas such as energy, water and money.  The potential for further development and innovation that will result from building intelligence into controllable devices is astounding! 

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