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8 Apr

5 Ways Start-Ups Can Use Social Media Platforms For Effective Marketing

Effectively using social media for marketing purposes is a great opportunity for start-ups to get the word out about their product or service. By focusing on social media to generate leads and gain attention, start-ups save money by avoiding costly advertising. To help gain insight into this strategy, here are 5 ways start-ups can use social media platforms for effective marketing.

Video and Audio Production

Social media audiences generally have a short attention span, so creating video and audio clips with relevant information: can capture their attention when produced with this in mind. Keep the videos and audio clips shorter for unknown audiences, while offering longer more in-depth presentations and shows for a more loyal audience.

This strategy can include a talk show around the service or product, how-to videos, or any number of interesting creative ideas designed to reflect the company''s services and products. Video and audio are effective methods of using social media for marketing. Start-ups can create videos and audio fairly easily, so this is a smart way for them to gain traction.

Content Strategy

This is the main way to connect with a social media audience through a created community or company page. All types of content are needed here for various purposes. Hiring a service like Folio1 is going to help start-ups know what proven strategies to use in regards to content.

Content needs to be well-written, timely, and targeted for optimal effect. Also, each company needs unique content: reflecting the individual qualities offered in regards to their services and products. Social media is a great place to connect and attract a loyal customer base through effective content strategy.

Survey Development and Analysis

Many times this strategy is overlooked by start-ups, yet it''s an effective way to engage with people on social media. This strategy also helps start-ups gain a clearer understanding around their customers'' desires. Folio1 understands the effective use of developing surveys, and has the experience to analysis them for optimal success.

The insight gained from a well-developed survey helps in the creation of responsive development, which is integrated into a startup''s overall marketing strategy. And not only marketing, but also in their overall direction as a company.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Social media is a great place to employ animation and motion graphic strategy. Folio1 has the technical expertise and knowledge to create great looking animated videos and pictures, which effectively capture and connect with a desired audience.

Many people simply learn better with cartoon-type tutorials or drawings, rather than a real person in a video. This strategy is under used in social media, but provides a great opportunity to set apart a start-up looking to define itself among the masses.

Community Development

Think about all the social sites available and the billions of people using them around the world! The opportunity is awesome, and creating communities to capture an audience of loyal customers is an effective use of marketing on social media. Folio1 can help start-ups gain understanding around the features and capabilities communities offer, within the many different social sites available.

Focusing on a strategy: poignant toward your unique company, will save the massive time it would take in trying to nurture dozens of communities on as many social sites. Instead, Folio1 can help you gain effective and manageable strategies when creating social site communities.


These are only 5 of the many ways Folio1 can help start-ups use social media platforms effectively for marketing. Although social sites are a great opportunity for marketing, without the expertise of proven approaches: a start-up can be in danger of wasting massive time and gaining little results.

Folio1 can help start-ups gain the strategy and technical ability to harness the powerful opportunities social sites contain for marketing purposes. If interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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