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6 Apr

5 Tips for Safeguarding Customer Data


If your company stores any sort of customer data, you need to make sure that you are safeguarding it sufficiently. All it takes for customers to lose all faith in you is one data breach. Here are some tips for storing data securely.

Only Keep What You Need

If you don't need information, don't keep it stored in your files. Only keep what is essential. Sometimes you will want to hold on to data you probably will never use again because you never know when you might need it. However, you need to exercise your judgment about what you keep and what you don't. Only keep data that serves a good business or legal purpose. Remember that if you really need to, you can always ask for certain information again at a later date.

Keep Things Anonymous

Even if you do keep certain information, you may not need to keep certain specifics. Some data can be kept anonymously. Even if you need to know certain basic demographic information, you may not need to keep specific customer data.

Restrict Access to Data

Similarly, restrict access so that only the people who really need to are able to access the data. This will reduce the risk of human errors that can lead to a security breach. Make sure the data is protected by a strong password that only a select few employees know.

Encrypt All Data

Whatever data you do end up keeping, make sure to encrypt it with the highest level of security. The more sensitive the data is, the higher the level of encryption you will need.

Back Up Your Data

Back up your data on a regular basis. If your data is compromised by ransomware or another kind of virus, you need to be able to recover it.

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