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19 Feb

5 Popular Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development Tools

Cross-platform enterprise mobile development is here to stay. With all the different types of mobile devices out there, companies are looking for ways they can rapidly develop and deploy mobile apps to as many platforms as possible. Cross-platform tools are the keys to doing this, often sitting as the core development piece for apps of every size and function.

While no list can cover every business need or requirement, here are some of the more popular enterprise-level cross-platform application development tools application development tools currently on the market.


The Sencha platform comes with a variety of cross-platform tools including Ext JS 5, their main enterprise development suite, that lets you create HTML5 apps that you can covert to native apps later.


Xamarin 2 offers the cross-platform Xamarin Studio tool that makes app development extremely easy with its array of free and paid pre-built libraries, programming languages, and user interface controls.

IBM MobileFirst

The IBM MobileFirst Platform supports HTML5, hybrid and native mobile applications. The Studio IDE lets you develop apps from existing HTML5 functions and then enhance them with added functionality such as data encryption, offline authentication, and 3rd-party library and native code integration.


The SASS-powered IONIC platform comes with several interfaces for creating rich and interactive applications using HTML5, JavaScript MVVM, AngularJS frameworks.

Appcelerator Titanium

The open source Appcelerator Titanium mobile app development framework and IDE lets you create native apps for several different mobile platforms. It also comes with a built-in app testing suite so you can make sure your application will work as you want them.

While these mobile application development tools reduce the costs and time of development for your cross-platform apps, most will not add them to the various app stores for you. You will have to do this yourself, or contact us and let our representatives help you develop and then publish your apps in accordance to each platform’s requirements and your business needs.

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