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16 Jun

5 More Ways to Use Email Marketing Automation to Get More Ecommerce Sales

Email marketing automation and ecommerce go well together. With a little planning, you can increase your sales and get more repeat customers. Here are five more email marketing tips for ecommerce.

Loyalty Programs

The goal of email marketing is to retain your customers so that they become repeat buyers as opposed to one-time buyers. To that end, you should reward your subscribers with a loyalty program. This doesn't necessarily have to be a full-blown program if you don't have the resources to set one up. You can simply send your subscribers exclusive discounts that they can not find elsewhere.

Encourage Sharing

Encourage your customers to share your emails and forward them to their friends. You need to give them an incentive to do so. You can create a referral program where the referrer gets a certain discount every time they refer a new customer.

Keep Up Your Branding

It is important to have a consistent brand image in your emails. Your emails should be instantly recognizable as being from you. Your branding should show up not just in your promotional emails or your newsletters, but in your transactional emails as well.

On-Sale Reminders

If you are having a sale, make sure to capitalize on it by letting your email subscribers know about it. Through automation and segmentation, you can let people know when an item they had previously checked out (but did not buy) is on sale.

Click Automation

If you send someone an email about a certain product and they click on the link, they're probably interested in similar products. Through automation, you can tailor your follow up series so that the emails your subscribers get depend on which emails and links they clicked on.

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