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5 Aug

4 Benefits of Continuous Delivery

folio1 Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is an approach to software engineering where teams produce software in short cycles while ensuring that software can be safely and reliably released at any time. After the dawn of Web 2.0, big players like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Yahoo began to adopt it as a development strategy. Here are four benefits to continuous delivery.

Faster Time to Market

An inherent feature of continuous delivery is that new features and fixes get pushed faster. This means that teams using continuous delivery will beat competitors to market on competitive feature implementation and delivery.

More Feedback Earlier

Faster delivery means that there is an opportunity to get early customer feedback on new features. Getting this feedback early and often means that the team can spend less time on features that customers don''t care about and more time on core functionalities. Continuous delivery ensures that customers get the app they want.


Much of continuous delivery is made possible through automation. In a perfect continuous delivery system, every aspect of the software from databases to code and internal resources is automated to ensure a conflict-free and stable release on each push. This automation allows developers to focus more on features and less on merge conflicts and other time-consuming headaches related to pushing new changes.

Reliable Releases

The automation behind continuous delivery means that you can be confident that every release is stable and reliable. Bad code does not get pushed and conflicts are resolved or pointed out with each attempted push. Never fear to push a release again.

Continuous delivery can be implemented in nearly every software development environment with the installation and configuration of a few helpful third party tools and applications. We specialize in providing strategic deployment of enterprise software. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get started with Continuous delivery.

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