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11 Jul

3 Ways to Integrate Agile Project Management

3 Ways to Integrate Agile Project Management

1) Team Capability Assessment

Before implementing agile methodologies into a team structure, it’s important to assess the team’s capability to work within agile project management. Agile project management relies heavily on the product owner and the Scrum Master, but it also asks the team to take on certain responsibilities that may be out of the norm in a traditional business office. Therefore, it’s important that the team fully understands these new responsibilities.

The agile methodology also requires workers to take part in “sprints”. These are short bursts of productivity geared towards individual parts of the overall project. It’s not unusual for workers to put in sequential long, tiring days, only for the product to be assessed and reworked.

2) Everyone Plays a Part

A key function of successful agile methodology is for each team member, including the product owner and Scrum Master, to take on a role complementary to their personal strengths. Therefore, in order to integrate agile project management, it’s important to assess each team member and assign specific duties and responsibilities depending on their individuality.

This not only integrates all players into the agile methodology community, but it also helps structure a successful management workflow.

3) Determining the Go-To Support

After assessing the capability of your department and considering how each team member will invest themselves, it’s important to make sure that there are key central personnel that can provide bolstering support. Generally, these support roles are referred to as Scrum Masters. This team member facilitates product development, so that the team can successfully self-organize and make decisions and changes in a quick, efficient manner.

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