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16 Aug

3 Tips for Making Sure Your Next CRM Is the Right Fit Before You Buy

Don't buy a CRM solution that doesn't solve your problems. If you base your decision only off of the demo video and others' recommendations, you won't know if it's a bad fit for your business until something goes wrong. Here are three tips to get the most out of your research period.

1. Make a list of pain points with your current CRM.

You're getting rid of your current CRM for a reason. If you have a small business that's just starting out, your current CRM might be nothing more than a spreadsheet. You might have a fully fledged subscription that is shared between all of your subsidiaries. No matter what size and complexity you're dealing with, make a list of everything that you don't like about it. Search for those specific solutions in every CRM you consider purchasing. 

2. Request a controllable demo instead of a video.

Videos are designed to highlight the best characteristics of any product or service. But you don't want to see just what works really well. You want to see the nitty-gritty details that will make up a great deal of your employees' workflows. A live or shared screen demonstration not only shows you steps in real-time, but your presenter will say either their thoughts or give less polished answers while they're busy operating the tool.

3. Ask how the CRM solves specific problems.

Even if the CRM does a better job on the problems you have with your current system, you still need to see how it handles the day to day tasks. Ask about specific situations and create hypothetical customers. If you can, have representatives from specific departments in on the demonstration call so they can ask. Technical details can get lost in translation. Not only is the room for authentic misunderstanding, it's also easy for a salesperson to give an answer that doesn't really address the issue if they aren't on the hook.

Get all the details about your CRM before you make a switch. Go to folio1 here for more details about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the related suite of tools.

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