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17 Aug

3 Reasons to Add Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Your Company's Workflow


Your sales department is at the core of your business, and they need a solid tool to organize their clients and their priorities. If you're between CRMs, see how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your company:

1. Keep your documents secure in an integrated suite of products.

There's a lot of value in using one unified line of products. Usually, the argument starts at the operating system level: iPhone users prefer all their technology be Apple, and PC users stick with Windows universally. But the same idea is true for programs. You can expect the same basic structure, shortcuts, and backend code so you don't have to figure out the quirks of multiple systems. The cost of adopting new styles is high.

2. Don't lose data during downloads.

Not all reporting tools work with all spreadsheet editors. Whenever you find an incompatible pair, the best you can look forward to is poor formatting and garbled characters. But the errors you don't catch can do far more damage. When your CRM and your document tools can work together, you get more accurate results.

3. Complete cooperative projects live.

Cooperative projects are becoming more and more common. When a team's workload is split and monitored over a spreadsheet, everyone is touching the same document at once. But traditional tools don't allow that sort of sharing, and that means the spreadsheet suddenly turns into multiple snippets. Other available live-sharing programs, such as Google's suite, are hard for all users to understand. But Microsoft's 365 online programs allow for simultaneous use. Even better, the document file never leaves the secure portal. Whether it's a sensitive financial report or a legal letter, you don't have to worry about unauthorized copy or poor version control.

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