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7 Nov

3 New Startups You Should Know About

It''s no secret that Startup''s have taken over more and more of market share across diverse sectors. Now more than ever it seems as if brands are carving out a space for themselves in an ever-increasing world of technology dependence. Here are just three startups that are worth knowing about:

With more customers flocking towards online retailers, Wish carves out a niche space for itself with savvy consumers. The premise is simple, it analyzes its users Pinterest boards and shows the user products they could purchase on their mobile phones. With multiple outlets stating that Wish is in talk to earn over a $100 million in funding, Wish may be the new hottest app for online shopping.


A truly unique concept, Jukedeck may be the next handy app to have for your business (and your advertising budget) The app allows businesses to pick genres of music, and its software creates music accordingly. The result is a unique, copyright free song that can be used for anything. Founded by two students from Cambridge, Jukedeck has already raised significant amounts of money through seed funding.

A boon to travelers and people across the world, Instabridge seeks to connect the world through crowd-powered wi-fi. Their app allows users to share hotspot details, as well as allowing access to other user hotspots in the area. According to the company, well over 900 networks are added each day, and evidence of its success can be found in the $1 million it raised in seed funding. The app seems to have a growing base in emerging markets such as India and Mexico.

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