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2 May

2 Essential Additions to Your Content Management System's Security

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Content management security is built into your system, but adding more is always better. In-suite tools are only one level of protection, and the more layers you can add to protect your customers' data, the more likely you are to fend off attacks and data leaks. Add these features to your network to make storage, viewing, and editing more secure:

Make data accessible only through your VPN.

Business is becoming more and more mobile. You might have a salesperson working on hotel wi-fi half the world away or an accountant working from home. No matter what network they're using, a VPN is a private network superimposed over their connection. A VPN helps ensure that the information is encrypted and other people can't see what your employees are doing online by monitoring the network. It allows for more secure access to the company intranet and internal system programs. If you put restrictions on accessing the data or files so users can only do so through the VPN (and, in select circumstances, a secure, direct connection in the office), then outside forces have a much harder time gaining any insight.

Use two-factor authentication.

The last time you changed a password on a personal account, you probably encountered two-factor authentication. Not only did you have to click on a link emailed to your primary email address, you had to type in a code that was texted to you. Those two factors worked together to prove you were much more likely to be you than someone who had illicitly gained access to your email. 

While there are more and more arguments that SMS is not secure enough for two-factor authentication, the process itself is the perfect balance of security and convenience. Mobile apps like Duo can help automate two-factor authentication and help protect access to both the document management tool and even the VPN.

Contact our team for more security tips and the content management systems that have the right security to start building off of.

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