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Digital Transformation

Build More Efficient Business with Digital Transformation

According to Forbes, 84% of organisations fail at digital transformation. Can you afford to be one of them?

Today’s business leaders are under constant pressure to adapt to rapid changes in the digital technology landscape. As the focus shifts from commerce to customers, there’s a greater need than ever to be more agile, innovative and transparent. Much of that depends on modern technology and the increasingly important role of data in driving business decisions and streamlining operational efficiencies.

What Is Digital Transformation?

An overused industry buzzword it might be, but digital transformation presents a key driver for business success in today’s connected world. In its simplest terms, digital transformation is all about using technology to solve common business challenges. Contrary to common belief, it’s not just about replacing existing corporate processes – it’s also about making them more efficient, scalable and cost-effective.

Above all, the need for digital transformation is a direct result of changing consumer habits. Furthermore, it’s happening across all industry sectors in countries all over the world: Governments are enabling citizens to file taxes online, banks are reaching out to smartphone users with personal finance apps, and ecommerce stores are harnessing the power of data to transform their marketing efforts.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

Amplify Operational Efficiency

Repetitive manual processes aren’t just inefficient – they’re vastly more susceptible to costly human error. By leveraging a fully integrated technology infrastructure that’s empowered by automation and centralised planning, organisations can reduce risk and delegate more important and rewarding tasks to employees. At the same time, this allows companies to reduce operational costs and upfront investments in IT.

Harness Data-Driven Insights

Before the age of modern technology, business leaders could only rely on their own expertise, experience and advice from industry experts to make important decisions. Today, and thanks to digital technology, a big part of corporate decision-making can be put on autopilot – every digital activity generates data that may be translated into actionable insights that improve performance and customer experiences.

Break Down the Silo Mentality

The success of every business hinges on its ability to communicate, collaborate and work effectively as a team. Siloed organisations lack those abilities, which is typically down to the poor company culture resulting from a lack of a unified vision enabled by integrated, accessible and scalable technology. Digital transformation is all about empowering teamwork with user-friendly experiences and anywhere-accessibility.

Enable a Mobile Workforce

There’s nothing glamorous about spending every day from 9 till 5 stuck in front of an office desk, which is one of the reasons why three quarters of Australian workers are disengaged from their jobs. Today, innovative companies are leveraging ubiquitous internet and mobile technology to empower their workers to do their jobs using their own devices wherever they want.

Supercharge User Experiences

Consumers and business customers alike, especially those of younger generations, are now accustomed to using technology for everything from shopping to banking to keeping in touch with friends and colleagues. They expect the organisations they do business with to do the same. That’s why digital transformation is about improving user experiences for both employees and the customers they serve.

Our Offer

folio1 endows organisations with the tools, processes and expertise they need to thrive in the dynamic modern corporate environment.

To that end, we can help you:
  • Discover innovative solutions to business challenges
  • Build an agile IT infrastructure that scales with demand
  • Boost efficiency through automated processes
  • Empower informed decision-making with data-driven insights
  • Enhance workforce mobility, productivity and engagement

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