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CI/CD with Atlassian, AWS/Azure & Sitefinity CMS

DevOps as a Service

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CD)

We Help Enterprise Organizations Adopt DevOps and Cloud Computing.

DevOps is a development framework that eschews the typical cycle of writing code, sending it for review and publishing it at quarterly, biannual or annual intervals. Instead, the developers, operational teams, quality assurance teams, and security teams all work together, often in the same group, to provide continuous updates to the application. This empowers developers to make changes as needed on the fly and allows an organization to be more responsive to customer needs.

With DevOps instead of new features taking months or years to be implemented, they can be implemented in days or weeks.

Discover how folio1, can help you develop a DevOps solution for your business.

DevOps with folio1

Below takes you through an end-to-end project lifecycle with continuous integration & continuous delivery. With best of breed software like Atlassian, AWS & Progress Sitefinity CMS.

Cybersecurity & DevOps

At first glance, they seem like they would be disconnected from, or even at odds with, each other. But, on closer examination, a strong DevOps development philosophy can significantly improve application security. 

New Culture

With the widespread and growing adoption of DevOps, many enterprises have realized that DevOps is more than just a new market but more like a cultural shift slowly taking root. Many companies have realized that the efficiency goes further than just implementation and use of technology. As more and more adopt the software, the practice is slowly shifting from using it as a tool to improve your enterprise to a culture sweeping through organizations.

The DevOps framework, when implemented correctly, can not only help developers deliver a better product for your customers, it can help offer those customers a more secure application.

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Today’s Insights on Tomorrow’s Technology

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