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Cyber Security

We help you find innovative ways for you to shield your business.


folio1 team is dedicated to internet infrastructure security.

Cyber attacks in the digital age is a balancing act for all businesses, by reducing the risk you’re your innovation. At folio1 we help you transform your cloud infrastructure to be both the sensor and the enforcer of your cloud security strategy. You’ll be able to shield your most precious asset, data, by building & developing solutions that allow your team to move forward with the right approach each time.

Cyber Security and the Internet of Things: Risks and How to Mitigate Them

It is estimated that by 2020, 24 billion devices will be connected to the internet of things. The IoT brings many benefits to our lives. On the other hand, it poses a unique set of cybersecurity risks. Here are some cybersecurity issues involved with the IoT that you should know about.

Global terrorism and cyber warfare

Cyberwar is increasingly becoming an important strategy for the perpetrators of global terrorism. The Congressional Research Service defines cyberterrorism as, "the premeditated use of disruptive activities, or the threat thereof, against computers and/or networks, with the intention to cause harm or to further social, ideological, religious, political, or similar objectives, or to intimidate any person in furtherance of such objectives." A whole host of activities can reside under that definition.

Cyber Security Insights

The latest insights in Cyber Security

The Australian Cyber Security Centre

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) brings cyber security capabilities from across the Australian Government together into a single location. It is the hub for private and public sector collaboration and information-sharing to combat cyber security threats.

Link: https://www.acsc.gov.au/

Cyber Security Incident Report

Reports help the ACSC to develop a better understanding of the threat environment and will assist other organisations who are also at risk.

Cyber security incident reports are also used in aggregate for developing new defensive policies, procedures, techniques and training measures to help prevent future incidents.

Link: https://www.acsc.gov.au/incident.html

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