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Custom Software Development

Enable Unrivalled User Experiences with Custom Software Development

According to Entrepreneur, 70% of businesses fail within 10 years, one of the common reasons being a failure to create suitable business systems.

There’s no denying it – modern corporate technology is incredibly complicated, and things aren’t getting any easier. Mission-critical systems need to be implemented, customised and maintained, security policies need to be enacted and repetitive tasks need to be automated. However, these things are not likely to happen for businesses that are entirely reliant on off-the-shelf software.

What Is Custom Software Development?

There comes a time for many businesses when off-the-shelf software solutions aren’t enough. Custom software development is exactly what it sounds like – the design and development of software applications and integrations for a specific organisation or department. Such software is designed to address a certain set of needs or, in other words, help a business align technology with its operational goals.

Much like any other software-development process, custom software development begins with a consultation to address the client’s unique needs before going through several stages including planning, design, development, quality assurance, reporting and continuous improvement. Custom software may include web apps, mobile apps or traditional desktop software.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

Continuously Adapt to Business Needs

Traditional software licensing models can be oppressive, forcing customers into high upfront costs and, on top of that, expensive upgrades for major new editions of the program. Particularly given the fast-changing nature of the corporate IT landscape, this approach often leaves businesses failing to get an optimal return on investment. Custom software, on the other hand, is tailored to the specific needs of a customer.

Optimise End-User Experiences

From a customer’s perspective, the user experience has become a driving factor in purchase decisions while, for employees, it’s one of the key drivers of productivity in the workplace. To optimise these end-user experiences, it’s often necessary for an app to be developed to precise specifications as well as integrate with other mission-critical systems, such as online payment services or collaboration features.

Enhance Security through Exclusivity

Cybercriminals are far more likely to look for and exploit vulnerabilities in off-the-shelf software solutions, since doing so provides access to a much larger attack surface. With readymade software, business users are also forced to spend extra money on things like additional security and compliance protocols. With bespoke software, you can choose only what you need, while also becoming a far less visible target.

Simplified Integration with Core Systems

Virtually every business needs multiple programs to handle a varied set of processes ranging from customer relationship management to accounting. Without the needed integrations, collaboration and productivity are often the first casualties. With a tailor-made solution built for a specific company, it’s possible to bring everything together under one hood while addressing every aspect individually.

Dedicated Support and Maintenance

Much like readymade software itself, the support for such solutions is tailored toward a broad audience which can make it difficult to provide reliable ongoing maintenance and support. With a dependable custom software developer, customers are involved throughout the design, development and maintenance processes. To that end, it’s a relationship that’s built upon ongoing support and continuous improvement.

Our Offer

folio1 provides custom software development and integration services to businesses seeking trouble-free operation and maximum returns.

We can help with:
  • Integrations with existing systems and processes
  • Custom database development
  • Mobile and web app development
  • Development of enterprise applications
  • Ongoing support, upgrades and maintenance

Does your business need bespoke software tailored perfectly to fit its requirements?

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