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Peer-to-Peer finance startup


Work with Timelio founders to take the Timelio concept from spreadsheet to application.

Impact: Timelio connects growing businesses directly with investors, enabling them to solve their cash-flow problems quickly and easily.


The Timelio founders wanted to enable growing businesses to access cash quickly and easily and provide non-bank investors with a transparent platform for investing in unsecured loans. They needed a sleek, easy-to-use platform that made it easy for both borrowers and investors to meet their needs for information and opportunities.

The project involved the development of:
  • Account ledgers
  • Automation of system processing
  • Integrated email notification
  • Auction bidding platform
  • High-level finance calculations and mathematics
  • Security systems


folio1 took the idea from spreadsheet to application, providing both the concept and technical expertise to turn their ideas into reality. The clean elegant application can also be extended; a vital feature for a growing business.


Timelio’s application is highly functional and easy for both applicants and investors to use, enabling the business to grow extremely rapidly. Most borrowers are able to get their finance within 3 days, while investors can easily see what is happening to their money, providing all parties with clarity and confidence. All functions are tightly integrated providing simplicity whilst maintaining maximum security.

Both folio1 and Timelio enjoyed the development process and the satisfaction of pushing the technological boundaries to implement the solution. The quality of the application and successful implementation enabled Timelio to attract substantial VC investment for continued growth and development and they are now proudly one of the top 10 FinTech businesses in Australia.