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Refactoring & Integration

Sitefinity CMS


Using the Agile Methodology we ensure that Simply Energy stays ahead of the competition by providing constant enhancement of the site in line with the latest industry and product developments to ensure an optimal user experience to maximize acquisitions.


Simply Energy dominates market share through their fun and friendly website and mobile interface and streamlined processes.

The Simply Energy marketing and service team was looking for the best R.O.I. from their website.

They needed to:
  • Upgrade and integrate their Content Management System to facilitate ongoing content development by the marketing team
  • Centralise and migrate current public applications into a single responsive application to service all business channels
  • Integrate PayPal and IP Payment Systems with SQL Data logs and payment tokenisation
  • Provide a platform to support ongoing development and simplified management

There were a large number of key stakeholders and the process required detailed conceptualisation, validation and approval by all parties, and strict management of implementation timelines.

Building relationships is a key part
of our customer service


At folio1 we continue to improve & innovate new ideas. The energy retail market is fast-moving so it’s crucial that we can implement improvement’s and updates quickly.

folio1 helped conceptualise the appearance and characterisation of the website including the brand. In addition our high level of technical expertise and deep understanding of the current UI/UX of the public website application enabled us to provide an outstanding user experience on both the web and mobile platforms.

folio1 built a conversion tool to refactor the old web form to ASP.net MVC which provided a seamless and cost-effective solution to convert and push over 230 pages into an enterprise CMS - Progress Sitefinity.

Our commitment to the Agile Methodology and use of prototyping services ensure that the website and mobile application are responsive to feedback not only during the development and review process, but also post-implementation, so the site reflects the latest technology at all times.


The complex multi-layered Simply Energy website redesign was delivered on time. folio1 kept the project on track, provided valuable insights and demonstrated our understanding of both market and technical requirements. As a result, our UI/UX and Payment Gateway Integration provides users with a streamlined process.

folio1’s deep understanding of Simply Energy’s needs and our team’s technical expertise has allowed us to deliver seamless integration and a user experience that keep customers engaged throughout the aquisition process.

SimplyEnergy Site Redevelopment