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Technical documentation auditing saving you time

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In any business there are some problems that you face every day which clearly need to be solved immediately as they are obviously costing you time, money, and customer goodwill. There are also other issues that you don’t notice until a problem occurs, and then they are very expensive and time-consuming to solve. Keeping your technical documentation is one of the latter kind of issues, because if you need to consult it urgently (in the case of a systems outage, software upgrade, or integration) out-dated technical documentation can be extremely costly.

At folio1 we know the impact out-of-date technical documentation has on your ability to get everything up-and-running after an outage, to deliver your customers the experience they expect, and to price and plan software upgrades and expansions.

We’ve seen companies invest in new software only to discover halfway through the implementation that the new product is not compatible with their original software, forcing them to either abandon the upgrade, or invest substantially more, and we’ve seen the disruption this occurs.

We’ve also seen software engineers working with out-dated documentation take hours and days longer than anticipated to resolve problems resulting in loss of productivity and goodwill, as well as additional cost.


The DocAudit process is simple and provides you with an accurate summary of your existing technical documentation in each of these three areas. Our Business Analysts and Software Engineers will assess your current documentation and provide you with a clear summary and recommendations.

You will know:
  1. Whether your technical documentation is securely stored for ready access in case of need;
  2. Whether your technical documentation reflects the software you are using now, or whether it relates to out-of-date versions and programs; and
  3. Whether your technical documentation is clear and ready for use in case of need.
You will then either:
  • Have confidence in your ability to make a quick recovery in the case of an outage or obtain an accurate costing in the case of system expansion and upgrade; or
  • Understand the limitations of your current technical documentation and the impact that could have on the time and cost involved in system upgrades, integrations, and emergency recovery.

The unique DocAudit process is designed to provide you with a clear snapshot of your current documentation situation and recommendations for improvements that could save you time and money. DocAudit is a stand-alone review of your existing situation and is part of our software design and integration projects because our customers rely on us to thoroughly understand their systems and third-party integrated services. Clear documentation and an effective maintenance process is essential for reliable support and agile recovery and development.


folio1 has developed the DocAudit process to provide business analysts and software developers within your company an accurate assessment of your technical documentation that covers 3 specific areas:

  1. Storage and Access: Is your documentation all in one place and readily accessible in an emergency so that your internal or external trouble-shooters can have things restored in the minimum possible time?

  2. Up-to-date: Is all your documentation kept up-to-date in a central location or are different engineers working on different documents so there is no real master document? Or, are you simply working with whatever documentation you have and never bothering to update it at all?

  3. Usable: Is your documentation actually helpful? It’s surprising how much documentation lacks essential information and diagrams so that it can actually be used in an emergency.

Ensure your technical documentation is up-to-date to increase your efficiency and save money on your system integrations.

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