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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is Essential for Every Project



Without data to underpin our decisions the best we can do is make an educated guess at future needs. With cold hard facts to rely on it is possible to understand customers better so we can make informed decisions and investments in business growth.


folio1’s experienced software engineers and business analysts are data-driven above all else. That’s because we know how important data is in establishing clear deliverables and mutually successful outcomes.

Data doesn’t just drive the project, it also defines its perameters. Only when we know what customers truly want can we determine our goals and milestones.

Our team has a deep understanding of analytics so that you can understand and track your customers’ behaviour in real time and engage them at critical decision points. 

We have the technical understanding to determine what to analyse, how often, and how best to display the relevant data including:

  • Hot ticketing
  • Online chat
  • A/B testing
  • Optimised platforms


Your decision making becomes more accurate because it is based on solid measurable facts rather than instinct and your business growth will be underpinned with measurable science.

The ease-of-access to relevant real time data ensures that you act on the information you have at hand. The complex task of tracking your customers and prospects is simplified and the key decision-making data available to you is enhanced.


Tools that help folio1 drive data solutions
Optimizely Partner Liverperson Partner Google Analytics Partner Salesforce Development Partner