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Azure Cloud Solution Services

Build, Automation, Monitoring, Billing and Efficiency

Cloud Services

Develop, Integrate, Automate & Monitoring

folio1 provides ongoing managed support for Solution Development Services (SDS) and Application Support Management (ASM) among others. We can provide cloud managed services across your Microsoft Azure Cloud environment.

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How we can help

folio1 is a valued Azure Technology partner, giving our clients the benefits of Azure environments while providing valuable input and expertise to help improve business platform services.

  • Build & develop end-to-end solutions for all your development team
  • Resolve technology problems and challenges faster
  • Access integrated knowledge with real-time collaboration
  • Azure API Management Services, API gateway, Service Bus, Event Grid & Logic Apps
  • Azure DevOps & DevSecOps (CI/CD) services
  • Granulated billing & usage reports
  • Application Insights Monitoring and automation, including alerts and authorisation
Some Customers We Have Helped
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Does your business need Cloud Solutions tailored perfectly to fit its requirements?

At folio1 we understand the problems business are facing with Legacy systems today. By implementing a clear road map of requirements that are needed our customers have been surprised to understand the cost saving in moving to Azure cloud and new enterprise products and services that are available to help Migrate, Modernize & Secure their business.

Let our team help move your business to the cloud.

Our project management & solutions team is here to help understand your needs.

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