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Management & Monitoring

API Management & Monitoring

Are your APIs & data being managed & monitored for security vulnerabilities?

folio1 are agnostic in regard to API Management as there are any number of suites that may or not be suitable for your requirements. If your enterprise is exposing API’s for monetization, as compared to another enterprise that needs API Management only for integration, the needs are somewhat different. However, the demands of digital transformation and the related needs for platforms and ecosystems, make it essential to manage API’s throughout the lifecycle, no matter the enterprise.

What is absolutely crucial to any API strategy is ensuring that the API’s either built, exposed by your enterprise, or being consumed by your enterprise by outside sources, are secure. For that reason, folio1 have partnered with API Metrics, a suite that allows enterprises to measure and monitor API’s across the network and ensure they’re compliant and secure.

QA & Testing

A key component to API Metrics is the ability to test API’s for their scalability to ensure that they’re ‘enterprise ready’. These tests during development and regressively, ensure that your API’s are appropriate for regions, load, meet SLA’s, etc.

API Metrics can be used and is recommended with any API Management suite and partner with Axway and IBM.



folio1 are experienced in and support most API Management
suites listed in the Gartner Quadrant

Ask folio1 about API Management suites for your unique requirements, including Monitoring, Testing and Security.

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